Beauty, lives in the finer details.

"The pursuit of the essential and the ideal" is Sugatsune Kogyo’s vow, given form in Zwei L.
With its dual gleams of light, premium interiors are enhanced with a lustrous glow.

High precision polish, artfully sculpted shine

Flawless, distortion free lines. Stainless steel surfaces polished to the smoothness of a mirror juxtaposed seamlessly against a soft metallic satin finish creating a stately radiance.

Sallaz polishing

Universal design, distinguished presence

Produced with everyday use in mind, general standards have been applied to its form. Inspiration is drawn from the "Golden ratio" of 1:1.618, producing an aesthetically similar design. Combining simplicity with sleekness, producing a refined softness.

Stainless Steel SUS316





Our Pride

Industry leaders who demand
quality without compromise

"Zwei L" - a name combining the challenge of straight lines, curves and high precision manufacturing. All focus is on quality, bringing in expertise from jewelers for the delicate processing not found in mass production techniques. In particular, the polish process necessary for Zwei L requires twice as much granularity as a regular mirror polish and five times as many steps. Inspections are required for maintaining our exacting standards and are conducted by specially trained professionals.

Zwei L Manufacturing Process

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Interiors enhanced by light

Zwei L combines profundity with inclusive curves and appreciable straight lines for a simple layout made to match various environments. The mirror polish reflects its surroundings while the satin finish gently absorbs its colors, creating a playful harmony in diverse spaces.